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Xango Mangosteen Review | Scam or Legitimate Business?


Xango Mangosteen Review

Xango Mangosteen Review

Back a few years ago, when I first got into online marketing, there was a training I watch that mentioned a company, so I decided to do a Xango Mangosteen Review on this Network Marketing company. Maybe you are reading this article because you are researching Xango or perhaps you are trying to discover a better way to market your Xango Business, either way this is a honest 3rd party review and I hope it will help.


First off,  Xango is not a scam, they have been around since 2002 and they have their corporate headquarter in Utah. Their primary products are heath juices based around Mangosteen, which is a fruit from a tree commonly found in Asia. Mangosteen is the foundation of their 3 core products, Xango Juice®, Xango 3SIXTY5™ supplement, Glimpse™ Intuitive Skin Care.


As I mentioned earlier, Mangosteen is a fruit tree common to the Asian region of the globe and has been sought after for its health benefits for quite some time, the fruit is rich in antioxidants as well as xanthones. Mangosteen is also reported to have anti ageing properties which of course is a big selling point in their Skin care products which include, creamy cleanser, shampoo and moisturizer cream.
The Xanthones are said to help with hardening of the arteries as well as reduce cholesterol which is a key health benefit with heart disease being a major health concern in the US.

Meal Supplement.

Xango also offers a line of meal supplements for the busy professional on the go who wants to lose a few pounds, this allows you to bypass the fast food line and enjoy a healthier alternative to french fries and the ever popular hamburger. In addition Xango also offers a product called Eleviv. This product goes hand and hand with Xango juice and help with person’s mental and emotional health and that is not all, Xango offers a wide variety of other products as well.

Making Money with Xango.

One of the main reasons people get involved with a network marketing company is the want or need for an addition income stream, so let’s take a look at the Xango Mangosteen comp plan. There are a few different ways you can get paid first is through retail sales where you buy wholesale and sell retail then there are the various others ways as well, they are;

  • PowerStart Commissions
  • UniLevel Commissions
  • Global Bonus Pool Commissions
  • Global Bonus Pool Commissions
  • 500K Bonus Pool Commissions
  • Incentive Trips and Awards

If you go out and sell the products you can make some pretty good money because the company offers a very generous compensation structure. Xango pays 50% on all commissionable volume, 47% through nine levels. There is also a, what I would call a super motivator, if you can hit the companies highest rank there is a million dollar bonus waiting for you. How cool is that?

Final Xango Mangosteen Review Thoughts

The bottom line here is that Xango Mangosteen is not a scam and a very legitimate company but like all network marketing opportunities it becomes up to you to make this opportunity or any other opportunity work for you. The sad reality in network marketing is that the average income for a network marketer is about $10 a week. But with the power of the internet, the proper training and the will to succeed, more and more people are discovering the freedom that comes with building their own business through online marketing. So like I have said many times before, get the training you need and you have a much better chance of producing the results you need to live the lifestyle you are looking for.

Hopefully  you have a better understanding of Xango Mangosteen and this Xango Mangosteen Review was helpful to you.

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