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Network Marketing Secrets, Where to Find Prospects, Changing Their Mindset.


Network Marketing Secrets, Where to Find Prospects, How Best to Qualify Them.

Once you decide to become a network marketer, one of the first things you are going to need to understand is almost everyone you meet,  knows someone who has failed at a home based business opportunity or has been in a network marketing opportunity with little success, finding people who will be receptive to what you are offering has a lot to do with where you are looking for prospects.

Common Problem

This becomes a huge problem, you get the inevitable questions “is this a pyramid?”, now you need to explain the difference between network marketing a pyramid scheme. Next you get the, “I had a friend that did that once, he never made any money”, again you are put in a situation where you need to dispel any myths and misnomers or give possible reasons why their friend failed as a network marketer.

But one of the one things you will have to deal with, and you may not be aware of, is the mindset of your prospect. Almost everyone you will come in contact with will have been raised on the belief that you go to school, get a good education and then get a good job, this will be completely different then what you are offering.

You will be asking the your prospect to take a leap of faith and change everything they’ve been taught when you ask them to become your network marketing partner so if this is someone you know from your warm market, don’t push to hard, there are a lot of people put there, don’t burn any friendships over your network marketing opportunity. The key here is expose your mlm home based business the right demographic, the ones that would be more motivated to do something different and get into the legitimate home based business you are offering.

Where to Look

With this in mind, you are almost better off going to a mall and presenting a few questions to some of the sales associates at the stores, this is really easy to do and the right questions, asked the correct way will help you qualify potential business partners really quickly, let’s face it there are not a lot of people who are working at malls that feel this is not a career for them and they most likely are looking for a way to get out of that job make some good money.

Many are young and ready to make a go at making some real money and if you can find out what their motivations are, why they are actually working at the mall, through some quick questions, you can get them to a webinar or home meeting pretty easily. Now because most people who work at malls are young, they have not been polluted with a lot of negative stories about network marketing and are more open to the idea.

I have also found a great source for potential business partners, are the Baby Boomers. Although they were raised with the same mindset I described earlier, many have lost their jobs and are having a hard time finding employment at their age. They need income to survive and they are seeing that the money they will get from Social Security is not going to allow them to live in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. The Boomers don’t feel they have the time to school, learn a new skill or get another degree, only to compete with a much younger demographic, that the employer knows will be a potential long term employee.


Bottom line is simple, most people will not understand the great opportunity you are presenting them because they have unjustified biases against the whole network marketing industry or they know someone who has failed at it. Your job is to either help them to understand how great this industry is or find a more receptive audience to what you have to offer, either way the industry is growing as people are seeing network marketing as a great way to make money, there is a large audience out there and it is not that hard to find.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    You make some great points in this post and it is such a shame that there are people who don’t give this industry the time of day.
    There is no other industry that you can create a 6 to 7 figure income even if you dropped out of school, you are broke, nationality or even conviction this industry is here for the people who see a better life for themselves and are committed to no end to create success for themselves.

    It is a true shame that the people who look at this industry and see a scam can’t open there eyes and see the real goldmine right in front of them…

    You can’t save them all…. LOL
    Thanks for sharing…
    Billee Brady

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