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Common Network Marketing Problems, Failures Equal Feedback

Common Network Marketing Problems

Throughout my travels there has always been some common network marketing problems, people have never come to grips with a simple  equation, failures = feedback, in other words. There is no real failure if you learn from the feedback you receive. Let me explain how valuable this can be.

First, you may be afraid of the biggest problem you will face when you join a network marketing company, rejection. It can be a major blow to your self confidence but the fact of the matter is, the more rejection you experience the more successful you will be. I know that sounds counter intuitive but it’s true, here is why.

Take for example the one on one, belly to belly network marketer, let us call him Bob. Now, Bob talks to his friends and family, 20 people in his first month.   Because they want to be supportive he gets 2 people to sign up, he is on fire. But now, after going through his warm market, he has to tackle the cold, musty environment of the ever dreaded cold market. He talks to 20 more people and gets zero results, his confidence takes a beating and he is contemplating quitting, “Network Marketing Sucks”!!!!

This is a very typical because Bob is probably using the same technique to get interest from perfect strangers that he used with people he knows and in network marketing this becomes the black hole in your business. Bob, in most cases becomes frustrated and does not take the time to learn what has gone wrong with his prospecting techniques.

Marketer 2, let us call her Sally, goes through the exact same scenario but after getting having no success after the second group of 20. She take the time to listen to her suspects and takes note of their feedback, with every no/failure she gains a little more feedback, she is keenly aware that the failures she has been experiencing is feedback that  she is doing something wrong, Sally decides she is going to fix the problem.

Sally goes to his upline and asked for some help but in this case his upline is not rocking the world either.  At this point Sally is not undeterred, she goes even higher in her upline to find someone who is very successful in the organization because she knows this person is doing something that she is not.

Armed with some valuable information that he obtained from her upline, she knows she can be successful because one of the key things her upline told her was rejection is inevitable. If you can sign people up at a 2%-5% rate, you will be very successful but you have to have 100 people say no so you can get 2-5 to say yes.

Essentially the more people you expose your business to the more people will say no but the upside is also that more people will sign up to your business. In the final analysis, when you talk to people you cannot be married to the outcome, people either can see the vision that you see or they do not and that my friend is OK.

So remember, the road to a successful network marketing career is filled with a few pitfalls but if you can just keep in mind that every failure = feedback and it is what you do with that feedback that determines the extent of your success or failure, you will discover the solutions to most of your network marketing problems.

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