January 25

Network Marketing, A Path to Success



After going through a few network marketing companies, I was wondering why everyone was making big money and I wasn’t. Was it the wrong time? Was it the wrong company? Maybe the big movers in the company are just that guy. Yeah that’s what it is, those people have “IT”, they can sell water to a fish, whatever “IT” is, they have it. I was really feeling down, maybe I just can’t do this, everyone is telling me to “get a job” I’m sure a lot of you have heard it. At one of these meeting I heard this guy giving the usual story. Real Estate Agent, or whatever, someone turned him on to this product and how, with almost no effort he was making $50,000 a month talking to his friends and family, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. He wasn’t a very good looking guy, bald, he had a bad limp, like one leg was shorter than the other and he was making a ton of money. What’s that all about????????

Then it hit me, like Godzilla on Bambi, it wasn’t the company, it wasn’t the guy with “IT”, IT WAS MEEEEEE!!! Sure, I had big dreams, I spent all day doing nothing but dreaming. The problem was, I never woke up, got out of bed and made those dreams a reality. What was I doing to really make my business happen? The same stuff my up-line was telling me to do but? He’s wasn’t a big earner either, he was doing ok but he wasn’t setting the world on fire.

I had to look at myself and figure out what my problem was and I figured out 5 things I was missing
1: I didn’t really have a plan
2:I didn’t have a system that works
3: I didn’t have a good mentor, not my up-line but a successful mentor.
4.I didn’t understand that I didn’t work for the MLM company! I was my business and the company I was in was just a vehicle to make money, this was a big break through, very big!!!!

But most important thing, and #5, I didn’t have the core belief, that I could really do this, that was the first thing that had to change.

Change in Mindset

So every morning, I woke up with a new mindset, I was going to do whatever it took to make this work. Eliminate the negativity from my consciousness and be positive, “I can, I can, I can, failure is not an option!” Next I went on a search to find a better way to do business and I found it! During my search, I was relieved to find out, I was right about all 5 things. But I didn’t realize they are all one in the same. When you find the right mentor, he or she will give you the tools you need to succeed, what are the tools? A plan to market yourself that leads people into a system that generates multiple streams of income for you, while giving your customers the confidence they need, knowing they can succeed in your business or any other network marketing company, they don’t even need to be in your business. You then become the mentor for others who are seeking to plug the hole in their sinking ship, they know as their business.


The bottom line is simple, everyone is capable of making it in network marketing, no matter what company you join. Remember the most important thing you need to know about your business is, you are the business, not the company you join. When you wake up in the morning it is not company XYZ’s checking account you look up, it’s yours. You need to learn, develop skills and be able to pass this knowledge onto everyone and anyone who wants to learn how to be successful in this wonderful career called network marketing. Again, believe in yourself, you can do this, as well if not better than anyone else can. Find a mentor who can create a plan to build your business around a great system that will generate income and help your business grow. Ask me or somebody else, if you need help. But find the help you need and do it now.

I wish you all the best in your business, and as always
Good Luck.

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