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Goodlife USA Introduces The 2×20 Social Networking

A new company, GoodLife USA has introduced something unique to the direct sales industry, they call it Social Networking and it is based on the 2X20 Social Network. This new form of wealth creation is the vision of Goodlife USA’s founder Mark Seyforth and it has the potential to change the way compensation plans are created in the future.

The aim of the 2×20 social network is to eliminate the Achilles Heel of almost all Direct Sales/Network Marketing companies and that is Attrition. The 2X20 Social Network has a creative approach to solving the Attrition Condition and if you watch the video on this page, you will see exactly how Mark tackled the problem.

The Network Marketing Nightmare.

It has been no secret in terms of the way network marketing companies have their members build a business. They make promises of quick riches and then send the poor, unsuspecting new business owner out to sail the shark infested prospect water with little help or support. The new member quickly goes out and signs up a couple of people they know, (the average MLM’er signs up 2.3 people industry wide), and after their initial success, they are demoralized by an increasing chorus of no’s from the rest of their friends and family. The once energetic business owner get disillusioned by the industry and quits, screaming from the mountain tops that network marketing is a scam and vows never to join another company again.  This is unfortunately a tragic reality of the profession. Continue reading

Your First Year In Network Marketing

Your First Year In Network MarketingYour First Year In Network Marketing.

Have you ever wondered what your First Year In Network Marketing would look like?
well I wanted to share with you what I learned and give you some insite to what you can expect in your first year in network marketing.

First, I think it is important for you to understand that there is a very high attrition rate, about 95% within the first year in the profession, and when you figure out income to expense ratios your initial year in network marketing, it makes total sense. But when you dig deeper into the profession and know the long term income numbers you can easily see why we get so frustrated when we see people drop out of their companies, because most people leave the profession just before their business grows exponentially. Continue reading

What Does It Mean To Buy Cheap Traffic?

buy cheap trafficWhat Does It Mean To Buy Cheap Traffic?


If you ever wondered how you can buy cheap traffic to your website, then stay tuned because I am about to share with you how you can buy cheap web traffic and why it is so important to understand how paid traffic works and how you need to take advantage to this opportunity.

When you decide to purchase web traffic you should take into consideration the type of traffic you want to drive to your website. It is critical that if you are going to spend any money to buy cheap web traffic, you are attracting people to your website that you feel may be interested in the content on your website and if you intend to monetize your website you need to spend your money wisely an d buy targeted traffic.

Big Mistakes Made By Most Newbie Marketer When They Buy Cheap Traffic…

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TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA Review


This is a TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA Review, a new player in the network marketing space. TGL.Rocks A.K.A. The GoodLife USA.  is the brain child of legendary company owner Mark Seyforth. This is a very interesting offer because of what TGL.Rocks /The GoodLife USA is offering.

What is TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA offering?

Lifestyle! TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA is promoting lifestyle. In other words their goal is to offer deep discounts on products that almost everybody is already using. things like entertainment, dining and travel in a lifestyle club that is very inexpensive on a per month basis, when you consider you could save $100’s per month and TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA is a real bargain at about $60 a month.

What do you get for you $60 membership fee? Mark is promoting the best prices on travel, 30%,40% even 50% off the best prices you can find on the internet, the same discounts will apply on dining, theater tickets, cruises and other forms of entertainment.

TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA Crazy Promotion.

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MLM Lead Generation In the Mall.

MLM leads from the mallHave you ever listened to to one of the industry gurus sell their products and they always give you the pitch on how to never, “cold call again”, “pitch people in malls”, and the best one of all, “no more pitching you friends and family”. Now how do they know this is such a difficult thing to do? Because we’ve all done it! But if you read closely I will give you the secret to one of those areas. I will teach you how to…

Generate MLM Lead Generation In The Mall.

Since most people visit malls on a regular basis, you can make this a lead generation, destination, when you are running low on ideas on where to generate leads for your network marketing business.

There is definitely a strategy when it comes to Generating Leads in a mall and I will outline them here for you. It’s really simple but there is a psychology and some simple tools associated with your results while you generate leads in the mall. This is really good stuff you I hope you bookmark this page and come back to it when you are ready to try this strategy.

First, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Pitch people that are shopping, that is the fastest way to get attention from security and they will toss you out of the mall, it has happened to me numerous times. People are there to shop and don’t want to be bothered by strangers approaching them with the next million dollar get rich scheme, and even though that is hopefully not what you are pitching, that is what this mall patron is hearing. Not only that, but security monitoring the mall floor through surveillance cameras and they will spot you quickly and ask you to stop or leave. Continue reading

3 Cold Calling Tips That Will Help You Succeed.

cold calling tipsI’ve been cold calling for years and there are a few Cold Calling Tips I have learned, that have really helped me become successful in the business of cold calling. Cold calling is also a great way to get over your fear of rejection because that is the order of day in the cold calling business and the more rejection you receive the less it bothers you and the faster your business will grow. I would like to share 3 of my favorites and I also shot a video of an experience I had with a rude cold caller. There is a lot to be learned in this video so watch it at least once.

The First of my cold calling tips about Mindset.

Cold calling is not an easy activity to get used to and in fact there is a mindset you have to acquire in order to be a successful cold caller. Remember that you don’t know the person you are cold calling and they don’t know you, so their first reaction is usually not going to be one of joy and enthusiasm because you are calling them, their defensive will be up.

You Mindset is the key to getting over this rejection hurdle, remember that you have to know your numbers to grow your numbers. This is a numbers game and the more people you expose to your company, service or opportunity the more successful you will be period, end of story. So making 200 cold calls a day is not uncommon and I would say after my first 100 cold calls, cold calling became second mature and the fear of rejection has never been an issue since. Continue reading

Network Marketing Success Tips, Eliminate Fear

network-marketing-success-tips-eliminate-fearNetwork Marketing Success Tips,
Eliminating Fear.

When I first started my network marketing career, I suffered from a bad case of a syndrome that seems to afflict many new network marketers, it was a bad case of success denial brought on by an even worse case of insecurity. I soon realized that if I didn’t conquer this  success denial then my career would soon be over, even before it began. My dreams would fall by the wayside and I would be condemned to day after day of being startled every morning by alarm clocks,endless days of traffic  jams and someone else determining what my life and time were worth. Continue reading

Network Marketing Help | Being More productive

Network Marketing Help Being More productiveWhen most people first get online they look for their Network Marketing Help from the Gurus and the they try, (and usually fail miserably) to emulate what the gurus do to get people into their network marketing business on autopilot, because that’s the way the MLM superstars say they do it Right? And they make it sound so easy, don’t they!

Network Marketing Help.

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The Truth About Free MLM Leads| Free MLM Traffic Takes Time.

free mlm traffic free mlm leadsNow I know there are a lot of articles out there about how to get free MLM Leads and there are lots if opinions on which form of free MLM traffic is most effective and profitable. That is not, for the most part, what this article is about.

Free MLM Traffic
Is No Free Ride

Naturally with all the online hype about getting 100 leads tomorrow if you just buy this course or join that system, there is a lot of frustration and confusion when it come to the realities of the world of free MLM traffic, because of the very nature of acquiring free MLM leads, it takes time for the cumulative effect of these forms of traffic generation to yield quality results.  The great thing about  creating an amazing free traffic and lead generation funnel is that like your business, the person who generates the most content in the least amount of time, most consistently is the person who generates the most  free MLM traffic and then of course the most  free MLM leads.   Continue reading

Day 1 Cafe Slim Money Challenge, The Real Skinny

Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge

Day 1 has done it again with the Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge. This may be the most exciting thing to come to the direct marketing industry in years and the really crazy thing is, that as of this date, July 15, 2013, all the details have not been totally released. That being said I can’t believe how much excitement is being generated with only a limited amount of information about the Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge.

About the Day 1 Café slim Money Challenge.

The Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge is a unique recruiting tool for the Consumers for Charity at a company called Day 1. It allows people to reserve a position in the company for free, which is key in a company like Day 1 that incorporates a linear compensation plan, I won’t go into that’s in this article you can Click Here to find out more about the linear compensation model.

The sign-up period will be rather short and in order to get the full benefit of what Day 1 has in place now, subsidized auto-ships, $100 commissions for new signup, etc, you have to be enrolled before September 1st. Now just for getting in the game, new people who get there free positions will get a lot, they will get a corporate site and will be treated as if they are a full member of Day 1 but they can only get commissions when they actually join the company.

The Consumer For Charity members are getting more and more information every week during the presidents calls, every Monday at 8:00 PM EST, everyone is invited and you can learn more about the Day1 Café Slim Money Challenge during the call.
866-906-7447 pin# 6058492

Gamification Comes To DAY 1 Café slim Money Challenge

Day 1 seems to be on the forefront of the gamificaition of the internet, this has been an idea that has been a closely held secret from almost everyone but the biggest online insiders. Only a select few organizations have been cleaver enough to embrace this concept and it will be the way marketing is done in the future. Mark Seyforth has always been a visionary and it looks like he is upping the ante on all the other companies because with the advent of the Day 1 Money Challenge, other companies are going to have to play catch up.

It has been proven in the past that gamificatiion works, you have seen games in traditional marketing for years and for some reason the concept has been neglected by multi-level marketing companies as a recruiting tool. Sure they have used contest to incentivize its members to go out and recruit people and the top recruiters would win trips, cars, cruises, cash etc. But now with the Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge, the game itself is the recruiting tool.

With all the buzz echoing through the halls of the network marketing chambers, all eyes are squarely, laser focused on the results of the Money Challenge. If you want to know more and sign up for the “Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge”, then I encourage you to Join With Me by Clicking Here, fill in your name, email and phone number to lock in your position Now.

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