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Goodlife USA Introduces The 2×20 Social Networking

A new company, GoodLife USA has introduced something unique to the direct sales industry, they call it Social Networking and it is based on the 2X20 Social Network. This new form of wealth creation is the vision of Goodlife USA’s founder Mark Seyforth and it has the potential to change the way compensation plans are created in the future.

The aim of the 2×20 social network is to eliminate the Achilles Heel of almost all Direct Sales/Network Marketing companies and that is Attrition. The 2X20 Social Network has a creative approach to solving the Attrition Condition and if you watch the video on this page, you will see exactly how Mark tackled the problem.

The Network Marketing Nightmare.

It has been no secret in terms of the way network marketing companies have their members build a business. They make promises of quick riches and then send the poor, unsuspecting new business owner out to sail the shark infested prospect water with little help or support. The new member quickly goes out and signs up a couple of people they know, (the average MLM’er signs up 2.3 people industry wide), and after their initial success, they are demoralized by an increasing chorus of no’s from the rest of their friends and family. The once energetic business owner get disillusioned by the industry and quits, screaming from the mountain tops that network marketing is a scam and vows never to join another company again.  This is unfortunately a tragic reality of the profession.

What Makes Goodlife USA and The 2X20 Social Networking Different?

GoodLife USA 2X20 Social Network

GoodLife USA has made a solid commitment to anyone who becomes a member of GoodLife USA as an Independent Business owner at the proper membership levels. The first thing that jumps out at you is that this really isn’t a traditional network marketing company, this is what they call a social network. Next as you saw in the video the 2X20 Social Network is a potential Money Hog. Third, GoodLife USA gives you all the tools to be successful and last but not least, they give you the proven systems to make it all happen.

What is a 2X20 Social Network?

It’s really quite simple! After you see the video on this page you will realize that Mark has created a compensation model that combine the Money Making Potential of a 2X20 Matrix and the power of social networking. GoodLife USA and the 2X20 Social Network introduce something amazingly simple and extremely powerful.

As you watch the video, the first thing that jumps out at you is the fact that you can only bring in 2 personal enrollees. Net you realize you have the power of a social media type environment in the shared teams. Essentially you can be a below average recruiter and still take full advantage of the 2X20 Social Network. Mark has created a comp plan that works much like a social media environment would, again, check out the video on this page.

The Goodlife USA, 2X20 Social Networking Breakthrough.

Now that you have taken the time to watch the video, it is obvious why this new compensation model is so powerful and how it helps the little guy succeed, and really rewards the person who decides to go all out and go big. This hybrid of Matrix and Social Network is really ingenious and Mark has taken a lot of time perfecting the 2X20 Social Network.

What is GoodLife USA?

Well of course the great thing about network marketing is the size on the industry, it’s bigger that that NFL, Movie Industry etc, the fact is, it is one of the biggest of the billion dollar industries. So Mark was looking to create a product that would also be big and have room to grow, so he wanted a product/service that was life changing and attractive to almost everyone, so he created a lifestyle company. GoodLife USA brings you discounts on items and services you use every day. Products you like insurance, tires, flowers and just about everything in between. Goodlife USA also offers services that take advantage of the huge 8 trilling dollar travel industry.

GoodLife USA is the foremost travel service and offers you the best prices on travel and travel related services in the world. So If you like to travel, shop and like making money by saving money, Goodlife USA is a great way to make money and save money because if you like to travel, then Goodlife USA is a great way to get the best deals in all your travel needs guaranteed.

GoodLife USA is not a get rich quick scheme and read the income disclosure statement on this website to get full details. I believe that GoodLife USA and the 2X20 Social Network are both solid vehicles to help you grow your wealth, live the dream lifestyle you deserve and naturally GoodLife USA has the potential to have huge public appeal.

To be completely transparent, I am a member of GoodLife USA and of course I share in Marks vision for creating wealth through the 2X20 Social Network. If you want to learn more of course feel free to contact me and of course I encourage you to do your due diligence before investing in any company as I did before joining Goodlife USA.

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