November 11

What Does It Mean To Buy Cheap Traffic?


buy cheap trafficWhat Does It Mean To Buy Cheap Traffic?


If you ever wondered how you can buy cheap traffic to your website, then stay tuned because I am about to share with you how you can buy cheap web traffic and why it is so important to understand how paid traffic works and how you need to take advantage to this opportunity.

When you decide to purchase web traffic you should take into consideration the type of traffic you want to drive to your website. It is critical that if you are going to spend any money to buy cheap web traffic, you are attracting people to your website that you feel may be interested in the content on your website and if you intend to monetize your website you need to spend your money wisely an d buy targeted traffic.

Big Mistakes Made By Most Newbie Marketer When They Buy Cheap Traffic…

Now this mistake is not only extremely common but when you haven’t been exposed to the proper way of how to purchase web traffic, then it makes perfect sense. Most new people who buy traffic online try and cast a very large net to drive as many people as possible to their site, but this couldn’t be a bigger mistake because Not all Traffic Is Good Traffic.

Imagine if you were a dog trainer and you wanted to get cheap traffic to your website so you went into Google, FaceBook or wherever and you try to buy cheap traffic, and you had all kinds of keywords that didn’t target dog enthusiast but you did drive a lot of people to your site, well you have some troubles.

  1. Allot of this traffic doesn’t care about dog training.
  2. You are spending a fortune on Pay Per Click Fees.
  3. You are not getting value for your dollars.

How do you determine the cost of your traffic?

If you want to learn how to buy website traffic, you first have to understand what cheap website traffic really is. The idea is to determine your ROI when you buy cheap traffic. if you spend $100 to purchase web traffic and you don’t have a offer that compels that traffic to give you their email address in exchange for the offer, odds are good that you are just throwing away your money.

If you spend that same $100 and you get 14 leads through you ethical bribe offer then you will be spending $7.14 per lead. This is the number that determines whether or not you are buying cheap traffic. For some institutions spending $50 for a click make sense when you figure that a sale could bring in $20,000 per sale. Say you want to buy traffic from FaceBook, if you can work out the matrix on FaceBook and get $.50 per click and get 20 leads you’ll be spending $5.00 a lead. If you have a $200 offer and you can convert 10% your leads to sales then you are doubling you investment. Your Original $100 coverts to $200 profit of $100, not bad and if you can reinvest your money and scale up, you will realize bigger profits.

Think of ROI when you buy Cheap traffic.

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