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MLM Lead Generation In the Mall.


MLM leads from the mallHave you ever listened to to one of the industry gurus sell their products and they always give you the pitch on how to never, “cold call again”, “pitch people in malls”, and the best one of all, “no more pitching you friends and family”. Now how do they know this is such a difficult thing to do? Because we’ve all done it! But if you read closely I will give you the secret to one of those areas. I will teach you how to…

Generate MLM Lead Generation In The Mall.

Since most people visit malls on a regular basis, you can make this a lead generation, destination, when you are running low on ideas on where to generate leads for your network marketing business.

There is definitely a strategy when it comes to Generating Leads in a mall and I will outline them here for you. It’s really simple but there is a psychology and some simple tools associated with your results while you generate leads in the mall. This is really good stuff you I hope you bookmark this page and come back to it when you are ready to try this strategy.

First, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Pitch people that are shopping, that is the fastest way to get attention from security and they will toss you out of the mall, it has happened to me numerous times. People are there to shop and don’t want to be bothered by strangers approaching them with the next million dollar get rich scheme, and even though that is hopefully not what you are pitching, that is what this mall patron is hearing. Not only that, but security monitoring the mall floor through surveillance cameras and they will spot you quickly and ask you to stop or leave.

Create MLM Lead Generation In The Mall Without Pitching Customers.

This is the real secret to sucking up leads in a mall, pitch the people and kiosks and store associates.
There is a caveat to this method, I have owned kiosk before when we were selling our baby clothing line, so I know how hard it is to work the kiosk on a regular basis. So what I do is show empathy to the kiosk associate, share my experience with them and that builds instant rapport with that associate. After a learning a little about this person, then I ask them if they are open to an opportunity outside of what they are doing at the kiosk and BAM!!! I get about a 25% lead generation success rate. For Store associates the routine is basically the same, I share my past experiences about when I used to work in retail, more rappot building, it works great but the lead generation rate is a little lower around 15%. but that is still nothing to snivel at.

Best Time For MLM Lead Generation In The Mall.

Week days early afternoon is the best time to get leads for your business in the mall because it is slow, there are not that many people in the mall so the associates are not to busy helping customers yet. The second best time is late because the associates are tire and hate their jobs and this is the best time for them to be open to doing something different that will make life a little easier, financially and time freedom wise.

Now the goal here is to get their number so you can call them back and set up a meeting where you can do your company presentation, get the number if you can, but a lot of times the associate will be reluctant to give you their number, maybe the rapport isn’t deep enough or whatever, that s ok. Hopefully you came armed with the tools of the trade, some cards or a note pad, so you can either give them your information or get theirs

Here is a sure fire way to position yourself as a leader and not someone desperate to get this lead. If they won’t give you their number, give them a card and just before you leave ask them if they are going to call you, most people will say they will and there is a technique I use to get a high percentage of call backs, something I teach the people who join my organization, but for those people who say “Let me think about it “or something to that effect. I say ” can I see my card for a second” and they always hand it back. Then I say, “I’m sorry , I’m only looking for people who are serious about making breakthrough changes in their lives and you are leading me to believe that you are not open to that type of experience yet, so I will only ask you one more time, will you call me back when you take ownership of this card now”. They will give you a definitive yes or no. the people who say yes to that question call more often than any other call back leads.

Final Thoughts on MLM Lead Generation In The Mall.

Don’t be afraid to prospect in the mall, this is a great place to find good leads. You should be prospecting everywhere you go and then of course you have to have solid follow-up to really make you prospecting pay off. If you want to learn more about how to grow your network marketing business, fill out the form in this page and get a ton of value and information in the future.

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