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Why I Joined One24


Why I Joined One24.

There are none stop streams of MLM Companies penetrating the market, knowing there is also an endless amount of possible customers out there who are desperately attempting to come across a way to produce a new source of income in this depressed economy. You may be wondering, what are some of the advantages to joining a network marketing company. In this column, I will make clear some of those reasons and also why I joined One24.

Network Marketing really made its mark as a solid business model over the past few decades. You have the ability to build huge teams and use the members in the team to create a giant income using the leverage of all the people on the team to sell a product or service and the ability for you to benefit from all their work as well as your own.

The fact is, network marketing will generate more new millionaires in the next decade than any other business. For a few simple reasons, small initial cost to get started and the power of leveraging hefty amounts of members to create profits.

Well.. Here’s the deal, when you get into your opportunity, you will be instructed to assemble a list. This is a list of humans you know, aka, your friends and family or your warm market. This is a must and is really the main procedure after you come aboard. But you also have to come to the other concept, at some point you are going to burn through your prospects and find a fountain of fresh new leads.

If you are internet marketing savvy, you have or are building the infrastructure in order to toss a large net and invite suspects into your company down the line. If you are not so savvy, take the time to discover internet marketing from networks like MLSP and learn the skills needed to market online.

If you have no interest in taking advantage of online marketing then you will have to develop a system that will give you the ability to teach your down-line how to adequately re-create what you are doing. The biggest drawback to network marketing is the inability for leaders to convey their success in an easy manner that is easy for everyone else on their teams to duplicate.

Something else that should be considered is, what makes this enterprise special and unique from all of the rest of the opportunities out there. Maybe it’s the product or service, maybe it’s the compensation plan, maybe its the companies marketing approach, there has to be something that makes your company stand out in the industry.

How much freedom do you have to market the business?

In the past there have been companies who have been very short sided in their marketing strategy. They have been leery of marketing on the internet and have not given members the tools they need to be success online. online marketing is a crucial tool in the War Chest of today’s network marketer and the screwy thing is how few people are utilizing the power of online marketing.

So how does One24 Measure up?

I did a lot of research on this company and I was amazed on how enlightened this company was.
Everything you could look for in a company is present in One24. I have almost no restrictions on how I can market this company. They have put together a pretty good presentation you can send prospects to and you can make your own presentation as well as developing your own marketing funnels.

There is a real benefit to this.

For the person who wants to introduce One24 to their warm market, it becomes as easy as giving someone your business card and sending them to view the video presentation. If someone likes what they see, they get on the waiting list and you call that person for any follow-up, answer any further questions they may have. Believe it or not, you almost never have to feel shunned or awkward, if people aren’t interested, they don’t enroll on the waiting list and you never bring it up again.

This makes it different from most network marketing companies but this is just one thing that makes it unique. Another thing is the compensation plan, now we all know there is nothing simple about compensation plans, they are all mired in their own complexities. But One24 has something very unique, a type of company profit sharing plan. You actually benefit from everyone who signs up after you, whether you enroll them or not. In fact, in the silver performance, you are getting paid on everyone you DIDN’T enroll, this is very unique and special. It is so unheard of that once you understand how the comp plan works, you never get out because you comprehend the long term income potential for very little work, I will go as far as to say, that if you get into One24, it would be boneheaded to get out. PERIOD!

They also have an outstanding product called NatraBurst, this is a green super food that has been showing itself to be extremely beneficial to the people that are on this product. The testimonials are impressive. Just to throw in my own testimonial, since, I have been taking NatrBurst, it has eliminated my acid reflux and eliminated my need to take Nexium and that alone has saved me a ton of money.

So why did I join One24?

  • Easy to market with almost complete freedom.
  • Great product.
  • Amazing one of a kind compensation plan.

I hope this has been an enlightening look at One24, why I got in and why I personally think it is the best company, presently available. This is my own personal opinion and of course I think it is important for you to do your own research.

The Choice Is Yours!

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

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