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Your First Year In Network Marketing


Your First Year In Network MarketingYour First Year In Network Marketing.

Have you ever wondered what your First Year In Network Marketing would look like?
well I wanted to share with you what I learned and give you some insite to what you can expect in your first year in network marketing.

First, I think it is important for you to understand that there is a very high attrition rate, about 95% within the first year in the profession, and when you figure out income to expense ratios your initial year in network marketing, it makes total sense. But when you dig deeper into the profession and know the long term income numbers you can easily see why we get so frustrated when we see people drop out of their companies, because most people leave the profession just before their business grows exponentially.

Your First Year In Network Marketing.

Odds are that you were introduced to Network Marketing by a friend or family member, which is fantastic, but has one major pitfall. Your MLM sponsor probably has no clue on how to do network marketing in terms of building a team, knowing how to recruit and how to sponsor. So because your sponsor doesn’t have any training or leadership skills, you will probably be in for a lot of rejection, frustration and heartbreak. Don’t panic, find one of the leaders in your company, tell them you have the desire to make this your calling and with their help you will soon discover what it takes to be successful and you won’t become a statistic during your first year in network marketing.

What you Need To Know when you get started.

What i am about to share with you may sound extremely dismal but I can assure you that when you know how to do network marketing, the light will go off and you will experience all the motivation you will need to proceed, make network marketing a career and a profession that you can truly be proud to be a part of.

One thing you need to come to grips with is that network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. This is the biggest misnomer perpetrated by sponsors who are trying to recruit as many people as possible into their organization, don’t believe it. your progress your first year in network marketing will be like rafting on a river of molasses but that is not only ok but this slow as you go progress is to be expected, be patient, learn the business and stay the course.

After your first year in network marketing.

If you stay engaged, listen to the company calls, webinars and training’s, odds are pretty good that if you take action on what you learn you will become a better recruiter and your business will start to build momentum. You still won’t be making a fortune but you will begin to see the light. The facts are simple, it’s harder to make your first thousand dollars a month than 5 thousand a month, and it’s harder to make your first 5 thousand a month than you first 10 thousand a month and so on.
Because you are learning the skill you need to have to succeed and that action you need to take gets easier and as you see the results this business becomes super fun. The best benefits also become very obvious, Money In, Freedom Out!

Your first year in network marketing is your kindergarten year, you have a lot to learn. Fortunately you don’t have to go through grammar school, middle school, high school and 12 years of college to make a doctor’s salary. With some hard work, some training and the fortitude to take action and work your business, you can potentially make a general practitioner salary in 3 to 4 years. Not too bad, don’t you think?

Network marketing is the most misunderstood profession on the planet, like great Eric Worre says, “ Network Marketing Isn’t Perfect, It’s Just A Better Way!.” So embrace the challenges you will face during your first year in network marketing, learn the profession and most importantly take the action you need to succeed because this first year in network marketing might be that hardest but when you look back 3 years from now, you will remember it with the fondest of memories.

Good Luck.

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