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TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA Review



This is a TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA Review, a new player in the network marketing space. TGL.Rocks A.K.A. The GoodLife USA.  is the brain child of legendary company owner Mark Seyforth. This is a very interesting offer because of what TGL.Rocks /The GoodLife USA is offering.

What is TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA offering?

Lifestyle! TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA is promoting lifestyle. In other words their goal is to offer deep discounts on products that almost everybody is already using. things like entertainment, dining and travel in a lifestyle club that is very inexpensive on a per month basis, when you consider you could save $100’s per month and TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA is a real bargain at about $60 a month.

What do you get for you $60 membership fee? Mark is promoting the best prices on travel, 30%,40% even 50% off the best prices you can find on the internet, the same discounts will apply on dining, theater tickets, cruises and other forms of entertainment.

TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA Crazy Promotion.

TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA is gracious enough to allow people to get a position in the company for free until 01/05/2015. The initial membership fee is $178 but Mark has decided that you can become a member of TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA for just $60 if you enroll before January. If you decide to stay through the free enrollment stage, from my understanding, you will be able to see and review your organization  before you sign up for $178.

TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA, Commissions.

Now anyone who has ventured into the network marketing arena is thoroughly aware of the some of the pitfalls in this profession, mass recruiting, closing building big teams and statistics have proven that the average network marketer recruits only 2.3 people into their business, which is a huge problem when you consider that commissions are based on team sizes, so recruiting people into your business becomes a big, big, big deal.

What Mark has done with TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA is limited you initial recruitment to only 2 people, that’s right, you can only get 2 people in. So how can you build a decent size organization when you can only bring in 2 people? TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA will add people to your organization from outside of your organization and you will get paid on these people as well. There is another way to bring people in as partners, so in reality you can bring in as many people as you’d like. So you can be a below average recruiter in TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA and still be massively successful in this company.

Just in the interest of full disclosure, I did join TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA because it does sound so interesting. The company is in a per-pre-launch and you can reserve your spot for free prior to 01/05/2015 so if you would like to join me in this opportunity, I would will give you some special insider training that I reserve for the people in my organization.

Well, with that being said I obviously think that TGL.Rocks / The GoodLife USA is worth looking into and I encourage you to at least sign up for free during the pre-launch, there is no cost or obligation and if you sign up under me,  go to tgl.rock and us my enroller ID # 54, then call me or email me so I can get you started right, now.

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