July 15

Day 1 Cafe Slim Money Challenge, The Real Skinny


Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge

Day 1 has done it again with the Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge. This may be the most exciting thing to come to the direct marketing industry in years and the really crazy thing is, that as of this date, July 15, 2013, all the details have not been totally released. That being said I can’t believe how much excitement is being generated with only a limited amount of information about the Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge.

About the Day 1 Café slim Money Challenge.

The Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge is a unique recruiting tool for the Consumers for Charity at a company called Day 1. It allows people to reserve a position in the company for free, which is key in a company like Day 1 that incorporates a linear compensation plan, I won’t go into that’s in this article you can Click Here to find out more about the linear compensation model.

The sign-up period will be rather short and in order to get the full benefit of what Day 1 has in place now, subsidized auto-ships, $100 commissions for new signup, etc, you have to be enrolled before September 1st. Now just for getting in the game, new people who get there free positions will get a lot, they will get a corporate site and will be treated as if they are a full member of Day 1 but they can only get commissions when they actually join the company.

The Consumer For Charity members are getting more and more information every week during the presidents calls, every Monday at 8:00 PM EST, everyone is invited and you can learn more about the Day1 Café Slim Money Challenge during the call.
866-906-7447 pin# 6058492

Gamification Comes To DAY 1 Café slim Money Challenge

Day 1 seems to be on the forefront of the gamificaition of the internet, this has been an idea that has been a closely held secret from almost everyone but the biggest online insiders. Only a select few organizations have been cleaver enough to embrace this concept and it will be the way marketing is done in the future. Mark Seyforth has always been a visionary and it looks like he is upping the ante on all the other companies because with the advent of the Day 1 Money Challenge, other companies are going to have to play catch up.

It has been proven in the past that gamificatiion works, you have seen games in traditional marketing for years and for some reason the concept has been neglected by multi-level marketing companies as a recruiting tool. Sure they have used contest to incentivize its members to go out and recruit people and the top recruiters would win trips, cars, cruises, cash etc. But now with the Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge, the game itself is the recruiting tool.

With all the buzz echoing through the halls of the network marketing chambers, all eyes are squarely, laser focused on the results of the Money Challenge. If you want to know more and sign up for the “Day 1 Café Slim Money Challenge”, then I encourage you to Join With Me by Clicking Here, fill in your name, email and phone number to lock in your position Now.


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