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Hello Friends and welcome to my blog.
In case you didn’t know, my name is Alex M. Martinez.
I am a network marker, business builder and personal development coach and trainer. What you will find on my blog are tips and tricks on how to build your business on social media sites like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook as well as discussions on personal development. I have am really thankful for the network marketing industry and all it has to offer. I have a real passion for living life to the fullest, hopefully I can provide some insights that can help you do the same.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a place where the people can find inspiration and empower themselves to do the best they can, whether that be in their business or personal lives, appreciate the thing that matter and let go the things that don’t and discover financial as well as emotional freedom.

About Me

I was born in central California, the youngest of two, I have a sister 2 years older than myself. We moved to Southern California when I was 2, so I’m told I really don’t remember. We moved again to Whittier CA when I was 5 (I do remember that) where my parents still reside. I got married in 2005, have a beautiful wife and 2 adorable children born 364 days apart and they are best of friends, it’s great. We live in Orange County CA in a beautiful house in an exclusive area of
Santa Ana.

I went to high school in Whittier and was never a really good student, I guess you could say I was a little rebellious in school. After high school I got a job as a driver at an advertising agency and learned the world of advertising and marketing in the trenches of on the job training. Little did I know that 22 years later my driving job would evolve into a senior art director’s position.

The Hard Times

After 22 years in advertising and marketing, the owner of the company decided to retire and closed the business. I went to work with my parents in the restaurant industry, It was very different from what I was used to but it was a lot of fun. Then the recession hit and the business went south and we had to close. After being out of the advertising Industry for so long, most of my friends had moved on and no one was hiring due to the economic down turn. I was close to losing my house and I had a wife and 2 children to feed, we were in debt $70,000 and our home was underwater.

Time for a Change

At this time I decided to try something different, I looked into the world of network marketing. This was a big change for me and I had to really look deep into my soul and see if I was capable of this line of work. I made the tough decision to do it and I have been grateful ever since. I then discovered the internet and things got even better.

The education I have received during my network marketing career has been such a blessing. The people I’ve met and the relationships, I have been so fortunate to develop, have been priceless. I wake up every morning with so much anticipation, I can’t believe the situation I find myself in.

My Role

I am so passionate about the network marketing industry I share it with as many people as I possible. The personal development aspect of the business has been so enlightening and I now see life from a much better place. I love the way my life has change and I am passionate about sharing the things I learn with you. My belief is that the more positive things I can share with you, the more life will reward me for doing good, you know the good Karma thing.

My Gift To You

If you choose to become a member of my mailing list family, you will get free information in the way of training, webinars etc. and you will get notification of my latest blogs.  So feel free to subscribe to my list by filling in the opt-in form. Let’s take this great journey together, I look forward to sharing  the things I have learned and the thing I will learn with you.  I wish you all the best in all your endeavors and may you always see the good in life.
Yours Sincerely
Alex Martinez

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