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Numis Network Review, A Look From The Inside.

Numis Network Review

First off, I am doing this Numis Network Review from the perspective of someone who joined Numis but never actively promoted the opportunity and has been in the coin of the month club. I will be as objective as possible in this review; I just wanted to give full disclosure to you, the reader.

I guess it is safe to say that my involvement in this company was never about the opportunity itself, but more about the product. I love the idea of the coin of the month, they send you a beautiful silver collectable coin every month and I couldn’t wait to get that auto-ship, the coins are super cool.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great network marketing opportunity but at the time I wasn’t sure if the $499 sign-up fee was something I wanted to fork out, after all this is a binary compensation plan and after being in a couple of binary’s, I wasn’t sure I wanted to sit on the inside of an inside leg and work my tail off building 2 legs of another Binary, it is twice the work for half the money.

As luck would have it, Numis Network had a special offer where you could join for $75 and I jumped on it because the person I was going to sign up under was a big time marketer and I knew he was going to bring in a big team, I wanted to save a position because I would only have to build one leg.

It just so happens that at that same time, I was introduced to another company, One24, that offered another great product and a more attractive compensation plan. I have put all my efforts towards that company since then, but I continued to get the Numis Coin of the Month just because good Numismatic coins are just plain awesome.

The bottom line is this; The Numis Network is a great opportunity, if you are confident you can recruit enough people, and those people can duplicate the process.

Building 2 legs in the binary compensation plan model is tough work and the $499 buy in is tough for some people in this economy, but they have done a great job with training, especially with the Numis University. They have great leadership in this company and a lot of those leaders have become Network Marketing Superstars with Numis.

If you are thinking of getting into this company, my advice is to do your homework, sign-up with one of the top recruiters in the company, that will make your life a lot easier, you will get the leadership you need and you will only have to build one leg of the binary after you get qualified, which will allow you to make more money for the same effort.

The Numis Network is a great opportunity with an amazing product and unbelievable leadership. If you want to be in a gold and silver opportunity, I think you should review the Numis Network, you can’t go wrong.
That’s just my opinion.

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