September 11

3 Cold Calling Tips That Will Help You Succeed.


cold calling tipsI’ve been cold calling for years and there are a few Cold Calling Tips I have learned, that have really helped me become successful in the business of cold calling. Cold calling is also a great way to get over your fear of rejection because that is the order of day in the cold calling business and the more rejection you receive the less it bothers you and the faster your business will grow. I would like to share 3 of my favorites and I also shot a video of an experience I had with a rude cold caller. There is a lot to be learned in this video so watch it at least once.

The First of my cold calling tips about Mindset.

Cold calling is not an easy activity to get used to and in fact there is a mindset you have to acquire in order to be a successful cold caller. Remember that you don’t know the person you are cold calling and they don’t know you, so their first reaction is usually not going to be one of joy and enthusiasm because you are calling them, their defensive will be up.

You Mindset is the key to getting over this rejection hurdle, remember that you have to know your numbers to grow your numbers. This is a numbers game and the more people you expose to your company, service or opportunity the more successful you will be period, end of story. So making 200 cold calls a day is not uncommon and I would say after my first 100 cold calls, cold calling became second mature and the fear of rejection has never been an issue since.

Number 2 of my cold calling tips is…

Get a good script, I got my best cold calling scripts from Todd Falcone, He has his little black book of scripts that is worth their weight in gold. In this business or any profession for that matter, you have to invest in your own growth and development because, if you are not investing in yourself you are leaving big dollars on the table and Todd’s Little Black Book Of Scripts is the best money you can spend on cold calling, there is a free download you can get but the book comes with CD and it really pays to listen to Todd’s techniques while you’re driving or just listening to learn, you can get Todd’s Little Black Book of Scripts here:


The 3rd of my Cold Calling Tips is…

Have Fun, you are not curing cancer and yes rejection can be a drag but imagine if you were getting a call from the local negative vibe merchant, trying to get you involved in their product, service or opportunity, you would probably give them the big fat NO!

So smile, you can hear a smile on the phone, be exited, you want the person on the other side of this call to feel your enthusiasm, don’t be over the top but if you are building your business, I hope and pray that you feel what you are selling has real value for that person on the other side of the line. If you are excited then the recipient of the call will too.

Well I hope these 3 cold calling tips will help you gain more success as you venture into the world of cold calling. Print these cold calling tips out and read them before you start making you calls and you will see great results just by following these 3 cold calling tips.

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