What One Word That Will Sabotage Your Network Marketing Success?

Words Matter to Your
Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success is reliant on a positive belief in your company, but are you using the right words while you are presenting your business to others.  As we present our network marketing opportunity to prospective business partners, we should be acutely aware of the words we use.

Unfortunately, there is one word we use that can undermine your presentation as well as your own physique. This is a very dangerous word and should be avoided at all cost, especially if you are pitching your MLM Company.

But before I tell you what this word is, you need to understand and develop your own positive mental attitude towards your business.

Positive Belief

A lot of Network Marketing Success is based on your belief system, prospects can tell when you are not “all in” with your network marketing opportunity. So it is really important that you are committed to your product. You must have your undying confidence in your Network Marketing Company, the leadership team, the product or service and a good training system in which you can produce simple and effective duplication for your down-line.

With this in mind, we often use words that seem really benign but can undoubtedly affect your Network Marketing Success.


I feel one of the most devastating words is “Think”!!!

No one wants you to “think” this is a good MLM Opportunity they want you to “Know” this home based business is right for them. Your potential partner doesn’t want you to “think” this is good compensation plan, they want you to “know” this is a great compensation plan.

Also it is vitally important that you don’t use this word with yourself. When you are reinforcing your own positive thoughts about you company, the more you use the word “think” the more you undermine your own belief in your MLM.

If you entered into your network marketing company for the right reasons, then you “Know” that this product or service is going to enhance and better the lives of your prospect. If your prospects sees this same value, as you project a positive feel about your business opportunity, then they should know this MLM will also benefit all the people the present this opportunity to.

Positive Thoughts

So remove the word “Think” from you thought process while reinforcing your own belief about and especially while pitching your MLM and you will find more people embracing your business opportunity. This very simple concept will help you build a better business and bring you more Network Marketing Success which will obviously enhance your bank account.

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Roshanda Gilmore - January 9, 2011 Reply

Hi Alex,

Excellent post and so right on! If we only “think” our business is great, it means we are not 100% confident that our business TRULY is great!

I’d like to add the word “think” ( in the context explained here) right next to the words “I can’t” as a few words to eliminate from our speech when talking about our networking business. 🙂

Thanks for the post!

    Alex Martinez - January 11, 2011 Reply

    I totally agree, “I can’t” is one of the most debilitating phrases in the history of language and has to be removed from one’s consciousness if they have any hope to succeed not only in business but in life itself.
    Thanks for the post.

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