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Network Marketing Success Tips, Eliminate Fear

network-marketing-success-tips-eliminate-fearNetwork Marketing Success Tips,
Eliminating Fear.

When I first started my network marketing career, I suffered from a bad case of a syndrome that seems to afflict many new network marketers, it was a bad case of success denial brought on by an even worse case of insecurity. I soon realized that if I didn’t conquer this  success denial then my career would soon be over, even before it began. My dreams would fall by the wayside and I would be condemned to day after day of being startled every morning by alarm clocks,endless days of traffic  jams and someone else determining what my life and time were worth.

I soon discovered that this is very common. The next few network marketing success tips will help most people who get into the profession of network marketing. Most new network marketers don’t know anyone who live the dream lifestyle yet so their vision it is a relatively hollow dream.  It is far away in the distance and success is only for someone else who has a great education or was bore with the silver spoon.

I’m here to tell you that this isn’t true because the good news is that after a while, with my dreams still intact I started going to networking events and low and behold, there they were, everyday people, just like you and me, people who also had the same dream I did and they were making it happen, Not only was this an inspiration but finally I could talk to people who were just like me.
I discovered that having the fear to succeed was an affliction that many of us experience and unfortunately it is also the reason most of us drop out of the profession. This is completely unnecessary and  today I’m going to give you 4 tips that will help you conquer you fear once and for all…

Network Marketing Success Tips.

Ready for the 4 Network Marketing success tips?

Here they are:





BELIEVE: First of the network marketing success tips is simple, you have to believe your dream is possible. You have to find someone living your dream and if you don’t personally know someone, find Someone! Chances are they are just above you in your organization, that means you will have to search them out. Contact the leader in your up-line, talk to them about their journey and ask them for help, they will love it!  You will probably find out that they follow, or have followed, all these steps in the past. Chances are also good that they are not superheros and you will realize they everyday people just like you and all you have to do is piggyback on their belief and you will be amazed on how much more confident you become.

SIMPLIFY: The second of these network marketing success tips is, don’t over complicate things, find out what works for your up-line and do the same thing. Maybe you mentor/up-line is really good at building rapport and you haven’t learned those skills yet, no problem. Invite people to a 3rd party tool, video, audio or conference call. Don’t pitch, only invite, if a prospect is open to the opportunity, give them a card with a link to your 3rd party tool and if they are still open to the opportunity, then get them on the phone with your leadership for a 3 way call, let the experience up-line do all the heavy lifting and closing for you.

PRACTICE: The Third of these network marketing success tips is practice, practice. Insecurity and fear are almost always caused by lack of preparation and preparation is all about practice and repetition. Whether it’s making cold calls or using those business introducing icebreakers, practice to a point where execution becomes second nature. Practice will help you transform into invitation monster in a heartbeat.

EXECUTE: TAKE ACTION!!! Make the calls. Use your well practiced icebreakers constantly. Invite everyone to your 3rd party tool and you will  conquer all the fear and apprehension you may be experiencing. It all sounds to simple, right? Well to tell you the truth it is that simple. The person who has all the knowledge and is afraid to execute will never be as prosperous as the person without the knowledge but is always taking massive action.

Don’t leave your dreams to the visions in your mind’s eye, take these simple steps and you will avoid the success denial syndrome, embrace some failures and you will soon celebrate after you deploy these network marketing success tips, this is your dream and no one else’s, don’t let fear deter you and your business will grow into  what you always dreamed it could be.

Use these Network Marketing Success Tips, Have No Fear and I will see you on the beaches of the world.

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