January 26

YouTube Extendes Video Times


YouTube Extends Video Times.

On July 29 YouTube announced on their blog, they would increase their video length time. As is commonly known, a YouTube video was limited to 10 minutes, the new video length was extended to 15 minutes.

This is really good news for people in the network marketers, this increase in time will help give video markerters more time in their traing videos. The 10 minute time was just long enough to get the point accros but you always felt a little rushed to finish when maybe just a minute or two would would have been perfect. Of course now that the time has been increases, I’m sure the video scripts/presentation planning will be extended and the problem will be the same just with longer videos.

My advise is to plan for a 10 minute marketing videos and do a more comfortable presentation, chances are you will go over a couple of minutes but you wont feel rushed and you will be more likely to get all your content in, presenting it with less stress and more ease.

I would personally like to thank YouTube for the additional time and intend to take advantage of the extra time.


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