January 30

Network Marketers Secret, Setting Goals


Setting Goals,
The Network Marketers #1 Secret

I know this is going to sound so obvious, so simple and the question for most network marketers is, why aren’t you doing it? Make a set of goals, long term and most importantly short term and daily. No kidding right? But how many of us take the time to write our goals down, stick them to our bathroom mirror and then refuse to go to sleep until that daily goal is completed.

What most people don’t really get, when you have a busy schedule, we tend to forget to do what is needed to succeed in what we are really looking for, financial freedom. Like many of us have heard before, freedom is not free. You must keep something in mind, you cannot achieve your long term goals without completing a endless list of countless short term goals.

I remember listen to veteran of WWII, he happened to be a survivor of the Bataan Death march, this has always been an inspiring story to me. He was asked how he survived the march when so many hadn’t.  He said at some point in the march, he felt that he could no longer go on, but he knew if he dropped out he would be killed by his captors. He made a couscous decision to create very short term goals, his goal might be to walk to the next tree or that rock, he knew that he made a series of very small goals that he knew he could achieve, hopefully he could survive the march and that’s what he did.

Now whenever I see myself slacking off, I always go back to that story and to reinforce my commitment, I write down 3 month, 2 month and 1 month goals. My 1 month goals are then broken down into weekly goals and then every Sunday my Sunday goal is to write out my next week’s daily goals. Then I tape it to my mirror so I see it every morning when I wake up and in the every evening before I go to bed.

This is the best and the easiest way to keep motivated and keep you moving forward in goal you wish to achieve. I hope this helps you to succeeding in whatever endeavor you are passionate about.

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  1. Hi Alex, Amy Hagerup here. I am visiting from TribePro. Great post – simple yet so profound. I am giving business training on Saturday and I will use your story. Great thing that sticks in the mind. Keep up the good work. amy

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