January 26

Network Marketing Beginners Nightmare, The Paralysis of Analysis


A Network Marketing Story

I believe that the paralysis of analysis defines the typical problem for network marketing beginners and was a problem for me also. This story is true and the effects can be devastating to any newbie trying to start their new mlm business.

I was hired to come in and help a company develop an internet presence for their business. They were aware I had experience in network marketing and wanted to develop a internet network marketing style strategy to build their business and attract new customers. Pretty straight forward, right? WROOONG!!!!!!!

Knowing that a couple of people in the group were a little internet savvy,  with no network marketing experience,  I figured they would consider my recommendations, do a little research and ask a few questions and get started, WROOONG AGAIN!

Network Marketing Nightmare

After three follow up meetings, numerous questions and answers, re-questioning and re-answering the same question, I had to tell these them , “you guys are stuck in that forth dimension, killer of businesses know as “The Paralysis of Analysis”. They were too afraid to step outside of their box. They knew everything I was telling them made sense but this was a new frontier, there was no way they could move ahead, they needed to do more research on the research they were researching.

After today’s meeting, I had to come home and write about it because it reminded me of myself in my early days in network marketing. I would come up with one excuse after another, things had to be perfect and my business just wasn’t happening. I would research this and that, talk to my up-line, maybe if I just rubbed elbows with these guys, the magic pixy dust would rub off and my mlm business would magically take off, of course nothing ever got done. I knew a lot, I talked a good game but I hadn’t put any of my knowledge into practical use. One day my dad asked me how my business was going, I said “I’m almost ready to go, I just need to do a little few more things.” My dad in the loving way he does things says to me. “Son, if you’re not willing to put into practice all you’re learning, why are you wasting all this time to learn it.”

Hopeful Network Marketing

The reason for this story is simple. 99% of us, when we start out in network marketing, are afraid to fail at mlm opportunity. The bottom line, If you are not taking the steps it takes to be successful in your business, then you will succeed at only one thing, failure. Find a mentor, spend money on your network marketing education, buy books and tapes. Do you want to succeed at being a failure? I know I didn’t.

Don’t be like those guys, in the company that hired me, don’t get stuck in the Paralysis of Analysis.
If you’re not getting the help you need, find someone who can help you, If you learn something, use it today, learn as much as you can so one day, you can help someone new to the network marketing business. When you go to the beach, that first step into the ocean is always cold but we get used to it, we realize how much fun we are having, the next thing we know we are jumping over waves, trying to body surf and having a great time. Look at you network marketing business this way, deal with the temporary cold, embrace the fun, the wonderful people and you will live your life the way you always wanted with no regrets.

Good luck my friends

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