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Using the Internet for Network Marketing


Using The Internet For Network Marketing

The art of generating leads has become the foremost talked about subject, for people in the know, in network marketing, It has been proven to be the lifes blood for any Network Marketers.

Whether it is face to face marketing or online marketing, the second you lose the ability to generate leads, your business dies. This is where the internet fills the void and can produce an unlimited amount of leads.

I would be relatively safe in saying that almost all Network Marketers start off the same way, talking to friends and family and just about anyone who would listen to them.

Some people are actually brilliant at this type of marketing, they could sell gas to a trucker with a full tank. These are the people that stand up at the meetings and tell you how they made a fortune talking to, who else, their friends and  family.

Newbie marketers heads are fill with dreams of new home, cars and clothes they will consume after they leave this meeting and sign up for this “ONE OF A KIND” opportunity.

Well, most of us come to the realization, pretty quickly, that this isn’t going to be that easy, friend and family are a bad source of leads. They really have no desire to purchase what we have to sell and they are adamant about not doing this as a business. Quite frankly if you push hard enough, you stop getting invited places and no one is answering their phone anymore, hmmmm.

Then we discover the INTERNET, “That’s the ticket, their are billions of people there”, and look, their is a special internet training in my business back office that tells me what I need to do.

So we go to all the right social media sites, pitch our “best com plan, pre-launch, super product” to everyone and low and behold… NOTHING!!!!! Well I can’t say that, we’ve been pitched every other “best com plan, pre-launch, super product” on the planet.

Let’s face it, getting leads on the internet is very difficult without the proper training and adequate knowledge.

The processs starts with creating a compelling reason for someone to click on a link that leads them to a “lead capture page.” That page has to be compelling enough for someone to want to leave you their, name, email and if they want, a phone number, on an opt-in form. This page has to arose this prospects with information they can’t live without or an offer they want, something you are able to deliver so they will fill out the opt-in form.

Then the magic starts, you fulill your the promise given to the prospect for opting in to you lead capture page and you have a tageted lead. You nurture that lead with email campaigns that develop trust through information and value all in the hopes that at some time he or she will puchase a product or join your business.

This is a very simple process but the art is in the marketing knowledge, this can not be understated. Knowing the psychology of you customers, knowing what will make he/she click that link, sign into that opt-in form. These are they key factors to successful marketing on the internet.

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