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Network Marketers Need To Adjust To Internet Marketing


Network Marketers Need To Adjust To Internet Marketing.


network marketing and internet marketingUnlike traditional network marketing, where you are sucking the wind out of your friends and family, well… marketing on the internet is a lot different . When most people get on the internet, they wrongly perceive this pool of endless network marketers, deliriously waiting to join their business. If all these webinites could only see what a great opportunity you have to offer.

So you blast company verbal slop in post after post about the latest and greatest supplement, juice, service or comp plan. Sadly, even in traditional offline marketing, this technique is taught over and over to the poor rookie Network Marketer. He/She spends an ungodly amount of time at malls, hitting up everyone they can come in contact with  about this amazing new money making opportunity, AND NOTHING!!!

Does the arms length rule work? Almost never, unless you can sell water to fish. How about pitching your friends and family? Sure in the short term, you can get your brother or sister, maybe your uncle will sign up but the dismal truth is at some point you are going to run out of people to bother and you have to venture out into the great unknown, called the internet.

Marketing Online.

When you market on the World Wide Web, you start out in the great unknown right off the bat. What does that mean? You are doing the most intimidating stuff to start with! So, you go with what you know, blasting out the market verbal slogans that were barley effective with people you know, looking to the sky and hoping it will work on strangers, it’s not long before realize that this is completely useless, you come to the conclusion this internet marketing is a total waste of time.

Okay, here is you Hummmmmm moment!

Internet marketing does work you just need a different approach.
The first thing you need to come to grips with is, people buy from people they know, like and trust, when you initially market on the internet you have no track record, no one knows who you are. Ladies, if I just walked up to you, out of the blue, told you how great I was and then asked you to marry me, would you say, “yeah that sounds like a great idea”. Of course not!!! internet Marketing is the same way.

Getting someone to go into business with you is a huge responsibility, if you are just trying to get people to join your business, and send them on their way, they will feel abandon and drop out, this is the worst thing you can do. You will never build a competent, deep down-line and people will be wasting their hard earned money and in these economic times, that’s not fair, money is hard to come by.

Building Relationships

In order for people to feel comfortable joining you on the internet, you have to build relationships, they need to prove you are going to be around for the long haul, that builds trust, and they have to like you. Guess what, there is a special way to do that on the internet and that is why some people can create large down-lines in such a short amount of time.

If you want to successfully market on the Internet, that is your mission,  you have to learn how to build trust, make connections and prove to others that you are going to be there when to going gets tough. It’s up to you whether you want to engage in internet marketing the correct way or the same way that ends 97%  in network marketing to the bottom of the sea.

The Choice Is Yours!

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

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