January 28

Change Your Mindset for Network Marketing Success.


Are you having trouble in your
network marketing business?

Yesterday I was talking to someone I am coaching and I asked them if it would be OK if I blogged about our conversation because it was so typical of the things I hear every day while coaching people about the business of network marketing. They said if I thought it would help others, they would be happy to let me share. So a personal thank you to this person.

We went through what their goals were, what the expectations of the business was and also a few other question and how I could help, the conversation went on for a few minutes and bang, there it was. When I asked what business they were in, they said ABC Company, I will keep the company name anonymous.

I really think that once people change this one mindset, what their business is, they will almost immediately change their financial fortunes.

In my opinion, you need to come to the revelation that your network marketing company is not your business. You are your business. Even some of the most experienced network marketers have a hard time with this concept.

Let me see if I can explain this more clearly.

When a group of people start a network marketing company, they’re business is building that network marketing business.

When you join that business, you join with the hope you can develop a huge down-line, with a few solid leaders and a sound foundation of auto-ships and minimal attrition, leading to long term residual income.

Now, here is the kicker… if you quit a network marketing business, does that home business opportunity go out of business?

No, of course not!

Are you out of business, if that is your sole income and you are not receiving any residual income?

Yes, you sure are.

If you are a network marketer, you are not back in business until you get into another network marketing business, Right? Wrong!!!
With a good business plan, you can continue to generate income, even if you are not in a network marketing company, while waiting for another good home based business opportunity.
That is one of the best un-kept secrets as well as the most misunderstood concept in network marketing. Once you realize you are not confined to one source of income, you can create income to finance advertising, development and much more.
So remember. ..You are your business, not your network marketing opportunity, create more streams of income and build a much more profitable better business, the business of you.

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