January 29

Baby Boomer Network Marketing


Baby Boomers are discovering
Internet Network Marketing

It is becoming more and more apparent that with the economy on the downswing
and unemployment on the upswing, baby boomers are discovering network marketing
as a source of supplemental income.

One of the problems for this demographic is, many don’t feel they have the
computer skills it takes to do business online, I assure you if you can turn on
a computer, you can learn to market online.

Though there may be a big intimidation factor for many baby boomer marketing online,
if they/we take a month to learn how to do some basics, there is no reason why
they can’t develop a prosperous baby boomer business.

I know growing up I always remember the “Avon Calling” commercial and I even
remember the door to door vacuum cleaner salesman as well as the encyclopedia
salesman, the Amway salesman was not that uncommon either. Ah, the good old days.

The bottom line is, if you are a baby boomer, take the time and learn some basic
computer skills, find a good mentor, have some fun meeting some really great
people and make some supplemental income or of you really want to put a big
effort in, you can make more money than you ever imagined and enjoy a
truly profitable retirement.

I hope you take a leap and join the wonderful
world of network marketing.

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Baby Boomers are discovering Internet Network Marketing

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