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Akea Review | Read This Before You Make Any Decisions


Akea Review

Akea Review


Hello my friend, I am assuming that is you are reading this Akea Review, you perhaps are looking into this company as a potential business or already are a Akea partner and you are looking for better ways to market your business. In this Akea Life Review we will take the time to address both of these issues, so if you are serious about this company, sit back, relax and read on.

Akea Life Review

Akea Life is a very interesting addition to Network Marketing in the Health and wellness sector. The company has a flagship product, Essentials, this is a powdered product that you can mix with water, juice or smoothie. The story behind the concept of this product was born in the theory behind Longevity Hot Spots. In certain areas of the world where people have an average life span higher that other places in the world, these places are known as Longevity Hot Spots.

Essentials is a 90% organic blend and is gluten, yeast egg, preservatives, sweeteners, dairy, salt, starch, and artificial flavoring free. The new health sciences are looking into the connection between stomach health and overall wellness and Essentials seems to address some of these issues.

The Akea Compensation Plan

The Akea Compensation Plan is based on a Binary Model, which means you are building two legs of your business, a left and right leg. if I am not mistaken, I believe one of the biggest compensation checks ever rewarded was off a Binary, so making lots of money can be made with a Binary. There are many ways to get paid with Akea, retail commissions’ team commissions, rank advancement bonuses and of course residual income.

Build Your Akea Business

In order to take advantage of the beauty, power and leverage of Network Marketing you have to learn the skills it takes recruit people and then learn the science on duplication. For the experience Network Marketer those skills have been learned through the school of hard knocks but in the last few years there has been a real advantage for people who want market using the internet as a marketing tool.

If you are interested in marketing online, then you would do yourself a service by researching online marketing and lead generation systems. The good ones have wonderful training for anyone new to internet marketers as well as old veterans.

Final Akea Review Thoughts.

I believe Akea Life is a company you should take a serious look at, the compensation plan looks good the product is interesting enough and has good health benefits, the management team looks good and I don’t see anything that would make me run away from this company.

I hope this Akea Review has been helpful and remember to  always do your research before you get into any company.

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