January 29

Live the Dream Review


Live The Dream event over delivers

After the 2 day event called Live the Dream, Put on by the folks at My Lead System Pro, I have a completely different perspective on network marketing meetings. The level of excitement was overwhelming and the things you learn are priceless.

The first day was filled with great speakers and I got to take pictures with and talk to some of the legends of the industry. I have to say these are really great down to earth people and far more approachable then I expected.
The second day was more of the same, great speakers, great content and really great people. Even more impressive were the friends I made, I came home 2 days after the event and had a ton of messages by almost everyone I met.

One of the key things to learn at these events is a reinforcement of the real mission of the network marketer, networking.
I would like to say thank you to all the people I met and I know we will be staying in touch for years if not a lifetime to come.
Events are where it’s at, if you ever get the opportunity to go to one, GO, don’t miss it.

Big Thanks to the people at MLSP.

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