February 6

Network Marketing and Internet Marketing, Partner With Nike?

Just Do It!

Well, maybe not they are not partnering but, with the advent of mass media marketing in the 30’s, because of radio the slogan, or tag line, really took on a prominent role in advertising and established brand recognition to any given product on a grand scale. So what does Nike have to do with Network Marketing and Internet Marketing?

Let me explain.

In our industry, the network marketing industry, promises, pitches and branding are thrown about like baseballs whirling around during warm up of a major league baseball game. You really have to be in the game to make any sense of what is really going on. But with that being said, there is a slogan, that if you take to heart and act on it, will help you build your business, the Nike slogan, “Just Do It”.

As simple as it is, it is Magic.

It took me a long time to come to grips with this reality, after months and months of wanting to look as good as the big guys and after hearing from those same big guys to “Just Take action”, I did just that, I took action. And to make sure I did that, everyday, I made the Nike logo the wallpaper on one of my computers.

But “Just Doing It, can sometimes not be as easy as it sounds because you have to figure out what works, how are you going to do it and do you really have anything to contribute to the conversation, the feelings of insecurity can creep in, devastating your efforts.

A few things will make it easier.

Always keep mind that everyone starts with very little or no knowledge of what to do and how it is done. Also remember that if you are utilizing the correct resources and learn just a little information, you probably know more than 90% of people who are jumping into network marketing. So take what you have learned, go out and “Just Do it!”

There is an old adage, listen, learn, do, and teach. This is magnified in our industry, because for the most part, our own work ethic determines our success level, the more you do the more you make. We all do Listen and Learn relatively easily but 95% of us fall short on Do and Teach.

So whether you are marketing online or offline, listen to what you are taught and then go out and do it to make sure it works. Then teach it to your people, it is a very simple and proven strategy.

Remember to have fun and “Just Do It!”

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

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