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Article Marketing Resource Box Magic, Article Marketing Super Tip


Article Marketing Resource Box tip

After writing more than a few articles, I came across a pretty cool trick that seems to generate more URL clicks from my resource box, it is really very simple but very effective.

What I have noticed is a lot of authors haven’t realized the effectiveness of the resource when it comes to getting readers to click over to their blog, websites or money site. This small little addition at the end of one’s article is the most effective way to get the reader to take that next action, whatever you want it to be.

Article Marketing Mistake.

What I have noticed, and I used to do the same thing, is that some authors will put a brief bio of themselves in their resource box, this is not the best use of article marketing resource box. It will look something like this.“Joe Blow is an expert in network marketing, Joe can help you get 1000 leads a day for free with his killer system. Go to —>Joebloeknowshisstuff.com. Click here to learn more.”

This author may have written a great article but this type of resource box looks like a pitch you would get on FaceBook. This is a turn off and will limit your URL clicks, even in Article Marketing, people don’t want to get a heavy pitch.

A Better Resource Box Approach.

A much better way of writing an effective resource box would be to let the last paragraph set up you resource box and then let the resource box look like is a continuation of the article. If you want to let people know that you are a social media wizard, then maybe your last chapter sounds something like.

“During my research on ABCD Company, I couldn’t find any indication of solid training on using social media as a marketing tool, blah,blah,blah, you get the idea.

Then in the resource box you, you start out with something like:“With Social Media establishing itself as a major force in internet marketing, the proper use of social media becomes blah,blah,blah.

Now if you are target keyword is Social Media, you make your hyper link “Social Media” back to where you want the reader to go. So that is my little tip try and see how it works for you.

Till next time.

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