February 4

Craiglist Ads, Popular For Network Marketers


Craigslist ads have become popular with Network marketers. Now that this free ad site is clamping down on Network Markers, it seems to be becoming more popular because it is still an outstanding source for generating plenty of leads.

Craiglist ads are really becoming more popular for Home based Business Owners. If you have ever wondered how some people have been able to grow a huge network marketing businesses for no money, it is not hard to understand, when you see how many home business owners are leveraging the power of free classified sites like Craigslist.

Free advertising is an outstanding way to get the word out to a wanting public, but there are some considerable problems when using CL, the number one free advertising site on the web. You can get ghosted, flagged, rejected and it takes a little knowledge and patients but when you figure it out, you can create a flood of leads and really improve your business.

Now you need to be aware of the wording that you will find on this advertising giant.
First, you have to come to grips with the fact that Craigslist is not singing songs of praise for the Network Marketers, plastering hundreds of ads on their site, in fact they go out of the way to find them out and them.

Second is the subject of ghosting. Ghosting is when you post an ad and it looks like it got made public but when you go and look for it in the published ads, it is not visible. You have to be predisposed to come to grips with the fact that if you are plastering ads you will end up with some ghosted ads, it is not a big deal, it happens to everybody, so do not despair about it and keep posting.

Next is the subject of flagging, flagging is when an individual actually sees your ad and selects the flag link at the upper right hand portion of the page and your posting is deleted. This can be done from any person, your competition, somebody who sees your ad in too many places and craigslist has a work force that looks for ads that are not obeying the rules to a tee and they can also flag/delete your ads.

Now, it may seem like CL is not worth the heartache, but nothing could be farther from the truth. You can make some immensely effective image ads, very easily, using Power Point and Open Office Impress. You can find some very beneficial advice on making ads with these two software packages on YouTube.

With just a little knowledge and some steadfastness you can produce a lot of leads and make a great deal of money with consistent and effective ad campaigns on Craigslist. Yes it can be a pain, from time to time but there is great opportunity on this great site.

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