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Why are people failing in network marketing?


This is a question that will probably be asked until the end of time, even though the answer is pretty obvious. The main reason for failing in our industry is, a lack of belief, a lack of desire and a lack of action.

Success in Network Marketing is like the fire triangle, heat, fuel and oxygen, take out any of those 3 components and the fire goes out, the same is true of your network marketing business.

Take out any of the three element, belief, desire and action and your business is doomed. Now I have heard people say that all you need to do is take action and you will eventually experience success, this is true to an extent, but if you don’t have the belief and desire it takes to brush off the many no’s you will hear, as you expose your opportunity to the masses, you will become disheartened and give up.

If you have desire but don’t believe in you product or the ability of your company to bring genuine value to lives of the people you present your company to, than it becomes difficult to take action, you are pushing something on people we don’t believe in.

If you have belief and no desire, you are never going to take the action it takes to succeed. So in the final analysis, it is not the thing that most people tell you to do first, action, that creates the environment for your prosperity, it is the underlying foundation, belief and desire that are equally important, without those to elements, it will be hard to survive in the world of Network Marketing.

While you embark on your business, make sure you take time, every day, to develop a strong personal development program so you can navigate the rough initial waters of this great industry. A strong self-development regiment may be one of the most overlooked elements to your success in network marketing.

Failing in network marketing
is not only the major reason so many people have a bad taste in their mouth about this industry but it is so completely avoidable. Network Marketing is a wonderful profession for those who have what it takes, but one on the t aspects of this industry is anyone can learn the skill it takes to succeed as well as this industry helps you develop into a better person.

Take the time to develop and you will succeed.
I wish you the best toward your success!

If you want to successfully market on the Internet, that is your mission,  you have to learn how to build trust, make connections and prove to others that you are going to be there when to going gets tough. It’s up to you whether you want to engage in internet marketing the correct way or the same way that ends 97%  in network marketing to the bottom of the sea.

The Choice Is Yours!

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

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